Services offered by the EPIC Resource Center


EPIC can assist your agency in the following ways:

        - Assessing your program’s readiness to implement a practice or policy

        - Collaboratively identifying barriers and devising solutions

        - Establishing methods for monitoring implementation progress and fidelity to innovation 

        - Establishing ways to incorporate improvements identified through ongoing review

        - Continuing to test the innovation and adjusting as necessary until intended outcomes are reached


Readiness Assessment: How ready is your organization for a new program?

Initial and ongoing assessment of an organization’s strengths and areas for improvement around program implementation can provide valuable information to your agency. EPIC can conduct these assessments, collect and analyze the data, and develop recommendations for how to move forward to utilize your organization’s strengths, identify and fortify your areas of need, and build necessary resources for implementing a new program.

Selecting the right people

Thoughtful selection of staff can make the difference between a failed and successful implementation. EPIC can work with your team to answer questions such as:

         “How do we know we are choosing the right people to implement the innovation?”

         “Moving forward, how do we hire the right people to promote the new culture?”

Sustaining the learning beyond the classroom and putting into practice

We sometimes  think that learning primarily happens in training. In fact, learning is an ongoing process of trying, receiving and applying feedback, and practicing skills. EPIC can work with your administrative staff and leadership to create and sustain a learning culture.

How does this innovation fit with our existing policies, practices, and procedures?

Trying to fit one more “good” thing into your agency and staff members’ daily routine can be overwhelming. EPIC can assist you with assessing your agency’s capacity to incorporate a new practice with maximum impact and develop a plan to maximize your resources and strengthen areas of need.

Data-driven decision-making: What data do we have, what do we need, and how do we use it?

How do you know if what you are doing is working? EPIC can help you assess the data you currently have, develop a structure for retrieving additional useful data, and then package it in easily digestible ways for your agency to enhance ongoing decision-making. 

Developing strong communication strategies: How do we communicate in order to produce the best possible results?

Information shared and messages conveyed regarding the new innovation are critical to the successful rollout and ongoing sustainability. EPIC can work with your agency to develop processes to solicit, analyze, and use feedback from staff and stakeholders (including consumers of services) to enhance service quality.

Staff training, coaching, and structured skill practice development

Learning a new program can be difficult, and learning how to incorporate a new program into the work that you do can be equally challenging. Learning to use any new skill requires ongoing practice and feedback. EPIC can help you develop a training, coaching, and practice model that is sustainable, strengths-based, and integrated with your other practices. This may entail working with the developers of the innovation to build coaches and/or trainers within your organization or directly providing those services through EPIC.


Evaluating our efforts: How do we know we are sticking to the innovation as it was intended to be practiced so that it leads to better outcomes?

If an effective, research-based innovation is implemented well and in the ways that research indicates, we can expect to achieve similar results. EPIC can work with your team to develop an eye for fidelity and determine how to get your staff to understand and value the need to adhere to the model. EPIC will also then help measure and evaluate program progress and outcomes.


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