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Miscellaneous MI Documents
MI Acronyms

There are numerous acronyms that are used in Motivational Interviewing. This cheat sheet contains some of them and can be useful as a reference sheet.
MI Overview

This document gives a general outline of what MI is and some of the concepts and components included in MI.
MI and the Stages of Change

While MI and the Stages of Change are not the same thing, they complement one another very well. The Stages of Change help give a road map for where someone is in their process of change for a particular change behavior. This document discusses how MI can be used with the Stages of Change.
Possible MI Traps

It is easy as a practitioner to fall into one of the many possible traps. This document gives a brief description of some of those traps so that practitioners can be more aware of them and hopefully avoid them.

MI Coding Sheets

It can be helpful to code yourself or others when using MI. These coding sheets can be helpful in giving some structure to your coding whether you are coding a tape, someone in an exercise, or yourself. 

Simple Coding sheet MI

Coding Sheet with Sentence Stems
Values Card Sort

The Values Card Sort can be used as an exercise or with your clientele to help explore values and how they relate to a particular behavior change.
Decisional Balance Matrix

The Decisional Balance Matrix can be a helpful tool to explore a person's ambivalence around a change behavior. It can help a person examine benefits of change, benefits of staying the same, down sides of change, and down sides of staying the same.