The Colorado Department of Corrections
Colorado Transitional Accountability Plan (CTAP)

EPIC has collaborated with the Colorado Department of Corrections to build case planning knowledge and skills with the Department's case management staff. This page offers resources for case planning using CTAP for CDOC case managers and CTAP Coaches.

CTAP Resources

CTAP Case Plan Fidelity Worksheet
This is the current case plan fidelity worksheet that coaches should complete once monthly for their coaching sessions with facility case managers
EPE- Giving Feedback
Click here for the foundational concepts of Elicit-Provide-Elicit to help you get started with coaching
Effective Case Management Coaching Packet
Developed for the 2007 Prison Reentry Initiative by the Carey Group and the Center for Effective Public Policy. This coaching packet provides an in-depth overview of the best practices for case management with the justice-involved population
Creating SMART Objectives
Fundamentals of SMART with objective examples
Writing Objectives for Skill Training with Directed Practice
Helpful hints to generate ideas around skills which can be used for client objectives incorporating skill training with directed practice
Criminogenic Needs
This is a helpful document that outlines the top 8 criminogenic risk factors and the needs associated with each factor