EPIC Change Agent Resources

As an EPIC Change Agent there are many resources that may be helpful to you in your learning process of building skills in Motivational Interviewing.  This page contains several documents and links that you may find useful.  We hope to continuously add to these resources, so please continue to check back to see what's new.


What is a Change Agent
    "The Change Agent: A Taxonomy in Relation to the Change Process" - Richard N. Ottaway (2010) The     article begins with a historical review of the term change agent from it's origin to current usage.


  The Role of a Change Agent
    This article discusses what an EPIC Change Agent is


  EPIC Optional Levels of Skill Development in MI
    This document outlines the optional levels of skill development including EPIC P101 and P102
    Participants, EPIC Change Agents, and EPIC Coaches.

  MI Taping/Coaching Consent Forms
    EPIC Change Agents record audio and are coached live in their offices or work areas while they are
    using MI skills with their clientele.  Consent forms are required for these events.

            Sample Consent Forms (Filled Out)
            Blank Consent Forms

      MI Competency Measures (MITI 3.1.1)
Following the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity version 3.1.1 (MITI 3.1.1) this document outlines the measures for competency in MI.  These measures are proven through research to show that when a practitioner is able to meet these measures with their MI skills that they able to begin incorporating MI into the work that they do.  The document also outlines pre-beginning proficiency and beginning proficiency measures.


  MI Tape Submission Instructions
    These documents outlines how to submit audio tapes to EPIC using Hightail.com or Dropbox.com

            Hightail.com tape submission instructions (all agencies other than probation)
            Dropbox.com tape submission instructions (for probation only)