Motivational Interviewing Articles

Introduction to Motivational Interviewing:
Preparing People for Change, September 2009

Ken Kraybill
Joseph Benson

Motivational Interviewing in Corrections:
A Comprehensive Guide to Implementing MI in Corrections, February 2012

Bradford Bogue Anjali Nandi
Motivating Offenders to Change:
A Guide for Probation and Parole, June 2007

Scott T. Walters Michael D. Clark
Ray Gingerich Melissa L. Meltzer
Motivational Interviewing for Probation Officers:
Tipping the Balance Toward Change, June 2006

Michael D. Clark Scott Walters
Ray Gingerich
Melissa Meltzer

Motivational Interviewing for Probation Staff:
 Increasing the Readiness to Change, December 2005

Michael D. Clark

Motivational Interviewing Training in Criminal Justice:

Development Of A Plan, September 2008

Melissa Alexander Scott VanBenschoten
Scott Walters

 Moving from Correctional Program to Correctional Strategy: Using Proven Practices to Change Criminal Behavior

Mark Gornik