Risk-Needs Assessments

The Standardized Offender Assessment-Revised (SOA-R) training and assistance is provided by the Office of Community Corrections within the Division of Criminal Justice. The SOA-R package includes the following assessments: the Simple Screening Instrument-Revised (SSI-R), the Level of Supervision Inventory (LSI), the Adult Substance Use Survey-Revised (ASUS-R), and the Service/Treatment Recommendation Worksheet (TxRW).

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HB 91-1173 (CRS 16-11.5) Substance Abuse in the Criminal Justice System Act   

General Assembly resolved to improve and standardize substance abuse treatment in the criminal justice system and required a standardized assessment procedure which applies to all adult felony offenders as of July 1, 1992 and more recently was applied to all adult misdemeanor offenders.

Assessment and treatment are required for each offender who is:

          Considered for / sentenced to probation

          Sentenced to community corrections

          Incarcerated in the Department of Corrections

          Placed on Parole

Each person shall undergo treatment for substance abuse which is appropriate for such person based on the recommendations of the assessment made pursuant to CRS 16-11.5-10 


          Obtain a level of supervision or classification

          Obtain a level and intensity of treatment

          Facilitate change